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Is it Growing Pains or a Bigger Problem?
We help little feet become happy again.
When children cannot fully participate in the activities they enjoy they are
telling us it’s time to see a specialist. Body growth is not a painful process.
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Ingrown Toenails Don’t Have to Keep Hurting!
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Meet Dr. Groves

Meet Dr. Groves

Mack Jay Groves IV, D.P.M. is a New Orleans native and founder of Foot & Ankle Health Center…


Welcome to Foot & Ankle Health Center

Mission Statement

Foot & Ankle Health Center located in Covington, LA is an independent private podiatry practice, lead by Doctor Groves, and dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for patients of all ages with foot, ankle, and leg disorders. Through top tier training, extensive clinical experience, and genuine interest, we offer patients the right balance of medical, surgical, and common sense knowledge to provide the highest level of customized treatment in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Our Practice Philosophy & Approach to Treating You

✓ Discovery

We are dedicated to discovering the source of your foot and ankle condition. We understand the intricacies of foot and ankle biomechanics as they relate to the body as a whole. The foot and ankle are not in a vacuum – they are your structural foundation and affect the function of your body. Likewise, biomechanical problems above the foot and ankle can affect the function of your foundation. We apply this understanding to discovering and treating the source of dysfunction.

Delivery of expert foot and ankle care

Conservative (non-surgical) care is our primary method of treatment. As experts in conservative treatment, we believe most foot and ankle conditions can be healed without invasive treatments. You can heal yourself! We provide you with the knowledge, education, and opportunity to both heal your condition and to remain healed.

For patients requiring surgical procedures, Dr. Groves offers Mastery level experience in foot and ankle surgical treatment.

✓ Continuity of care during and after treatment

✓ Ensuring continuity of care during treatment – throughout the recovery process we proactively modify your care to maximize healing. We are dedicated to minimizing your downtime through conscientiously adjusting the recovery process and preventing re-injury.

Ensuring continuity of care after treatment – equally important to healing is the concept of remaining healed. During your recovery, our goal is to help you return to full and pain-free activity. We provide you with the knowledge, cues, and cures to adjust to future issues, get back to your life, and out of the doctor’s office!