At Groves Foot & Ankle, Dr. Groves is dedicated to discovering the source of your foot or ankle condition. Our entire team understands the intricacies of foot and ankle biomechanics as they relate to the body as a whole. The foot and ankle are not in a vacuum – they are your structural foundation and affect the function of your entire body. Likewise, biomechanical problems above the foot and ankle can affect the function of your foundation. Dr. Groves applies this understanding to discovering and treating the source of dysfunction.

Bone & Joint Pain

With 26 bones and 33 joints, the foot & ankle is a complex structure. Determining the specific structures involved in the context of medical history is critical to establishing a diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan. Whether suffering from a medical condition like gout, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, nagging old injury, biomechanical issue, or a simple strain/sprain, Dr. Groves can help reduce your foot & ankle pain and functionally improve.

Flat Feet & High Arch Problems

Both low and high arches can be a significant source of pain. Typically inherited, these very different foot arches can progress over time, and lead to compensation pain at other joints like the ankle, knee, hip, and spine. Getting the foundation righted is key to preventing progression and compensation. Seldom requiring surgery, the mainstay of our approach involves patient education and minor non-surgical treatment.


Foot & Ankle Trauma

From major foot and ankle trauma to simple broken toes, Groves Foot & Ankle will help you get back on your feet. Achilles tendon ruptures, foot and ankle fractures and sprains are just a few of the common problems treated. Following common opinions such as, “it’s just an ankle sprain” or “you can’t do anything for a broken toe” can lead to long-term problems affecting your quality of life. Dr. Groves’ draws upon specialized training (including a Trauma Fellowship in Hamburg, Germany) and clinical experience to help you recover from foot and ankle injuries.


Neuroma & Neuropathy

Nerve pain is difficult to ignore. Whether originating in the foot or back, Dr. Groves will help you find the source of your pain. As an expert of treating nerves of the foot and ankle, our goal is always to help you resolve painful conditions that keep you off your feet.


Lumps, Bumps & Bunions

Bony spurs, bunions, cysts, and soft tissue masses are common sources of pain in the foot and ankle. Lumps and bumps can become inflamed (or even infected) and cause pain with shoe wear and normal daily activity. Not uncommonly, these growths are a symptom of some other problem that can be treated non-surgically.


Pediatric Foot & Leg Pain

When children cannot fully participate in the activities they enjoy, they are telling us it’s time to see a specialist. Body growth is not a painful process. Rather, the term “growing pains” refers to soft tissue strains associated with increased activity and/or functional problems. Persistent pediatric foot and leg pain should not be attributed to growth, but instead shoud be biomechanically evaluated to determine the source of pain. As lower extremity biomechanical expert, Dr. Groves understands the importance performing an evaluation to identify the source of discomfort. Most pediatric foot and ankle problems involve simple solutions. We are here to help you understand the issues and tailor a treatment plan to restore the get-up-and-go in your little treasures.



Frequently, Dr. Groves is consulted to provide opinions and care for patients as a last chance opportunity to heal their foot and ankle condition. If you are facing a complex medical issue relating to your foot or ankle, Dr. Groves provides access to expertise that can help you make decisions that are the best for your treatment and recovery.


Skin & Nail

Pigmented skin lesions, ingrown nails, fungal nails, warts, calluses, fissured skin, and athlete’s foot are some of the skin and nail problems treated at Groves Foot & Ankle. Dr. Groves offers the latest treatment options, and will help develop the best treatment plan for you.


Sports Medicine

As Southeast Louisiana’s only Fellow of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, Dr. Groves applies extensive sports experience with functional knowledge of treating foot and ankle conditions. Whether suffering an acute injury or a nagging chronic problem, Dr. Groves will help you recover and get you back in the game.


A Less Painful Approach

Sometimes an injection is necessary for treating conditions of the foot & ankle. We are very sensitive to the anxiety some of our patients have regarding this part of treatment, as such, we have become experts in reducing pain and anxiety associated with injections. Not uncommonly, we see patients who have had a previously bad experience and suffer from a post-traumatic stress condition. Following treatment by Dr. Groves, patients tell us their anticipation of pain during treatment was much greater than actual experienced. So, Fear Not! Our approach is gentle.